iPhone 6S - Obs3 - Store Screenshot - 1.png

Appropriately for Version 3, there are 3 key features

1. Control Wheels for Focus and Exposure. 

These are a fast, and delightfully intuitive way to set custom focus or exposure. 
To use them, simply tap either the Focus or Expose button and start dragging. When you let go, the changes will be locked in.

2. In App Editing.

That's right, you can *finally* apply filters to existing photos without having to leave Obscura.
Just swipe across to your Photo Library, open an image and tap the edit button it the bottom right. Then just swipe across to your filter of choice and hit save!

3. New Filters. 

A few existing filters have been tweaked, a few of the um.. less popular filters have been removed, and 8 stunning new filters have been added.
On top of that, you can now reorder all the filters as well as disabling any you might not like. (But you absolutely love all of them, right?)

Some smaller little niceties:

Shake for Auto
- shake your device to set the focus and exposure settings to auto

Mirror Front Facing Camera
- in case you don't want your images flipped

A nicer Reticule
- made with circles to stay on brand 

Scrolling Controls
- the camera controls are no longer tabbed to make them faster and easier to access

That's all for now folks. There's some great new things planned for September. 

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If you don't like Obscura please keep it to yourself, I guess.