Hello and welcome, journalists, bloggers, reviewers and writers. With a new version of Obscura comes a new marketing push, and in an effort to simplify the process, I thought I'd collate everything you might want to know.


What is Obscura?

Obscura is a camera app for iOS. A really great camera app. What makes it great? Obscura was designed, not just as a handful of features that photography geeks care about, but instead to make it easy to take great photos.

How you ask? With a set of controls that make it fast and intuitive to apply settings, clever ergonomics, and beautiful filters that result in photos instantly ready for sharing.

Obscura has been in development since Summer 2014 and launched at the end of June 2015

You can read some of the backstory to Obscura here on Medium.


Who Makes Obscura?

Me. Who am I? I'm Ben Rice McCarthy. Sometimes @BenRiceM. I'm a graphic designer, developer and photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. Obscura was built over my final two years of college.


Version 3.0 — release notes

Appropriately for Version 3, there are 3 key features

1. Control Wheels for Focus and Exposure. 

These are a fast, and delightfully intuitive way to set custom focus or exposure. 
To use them, simply tap either the Focus or Expose button and start dragging. When you let go, the changes will be locked in.

2. In App Editing.

That's right, you can *finally* apply filters to existing photos without having to leave Obscura.
Just swipe across to your Photo Library, open an image and tap the edit button it the bottom right. Then just swipe across to your filter of choice and hit save!

3. New Filters. 

A few existing filters have been tweaked, a few of the um.. less popular filters have been removed, and 8 stunning new filters have been added.
On top of that, you can now reorder all the filters as well as disabling any you might not like. (But you absolutely love all of them, right?)

Some smaller little niceties:

Shake for Auto
- shake your device to set the focus and exposure settings to auto

Mirror Front Facing Camera
- in case you don't want your images flipped

A nicer Reticule
- made with circles to stay on brand 

Scrolling Controls
- the camera controls are no longer tabbed to make them faster and easier to access

That's all for now folks. There's some great new things planned for September. 

If you enjoy using Obscura, please consider leaving a nice review with lots of stars or telling all your friends.

If you don't like Obscura please keep it to yourself, I guess.


Full App Store Description

There's always a better camera than the one you have with you.

And that's Obscura.

Designed with intuitive controls, comfortable ergonomics, and beautiful filters, Obscura is the camera that gets out of your way. Despite it's simplicity, it’s deceptively powerful. Obscura brings the kind of controls you’d expect from professional DSLRs to your iPhone.

Obscura has always given you powerful manual control over ISO, exposure, focus, and shutter speed. New in the latest major update are gesture-based exposure and focus controls that offer effortless adjustments to those settings with just a swipe of your thumb, letting you quickly get the perfect image no matter the conditions. But don’t worry, great auto-focus and auto-exposure controls are there for more casual shooting.

All that control means Obscura helps you take incredible photos that are instantly ready to share with the world. 

Get creative with a wide range of live filters that display over the camera preview. Just swipe to effortlessly switch between filters and see exactly what your images will look like before you take them. Or swipe across to your photo library apply filters after the fact.

Key features:

- Focus controls and exposure controls: quickly lock with a single tap or new control wheels for manual adjustment

- Manual ISO controls to easily set the camera sensitivity

- Manual shutter speed controls to easily set the duration of the image capture

- Flash controls

- White balance controls with presets for daylight, cloud, tungsten and fluorescent light

- Pinch to zoom

- Spirit level to help you get level perfectly horizons

- Rule of Thirds and Square Grids, because you can’t beat classic compositions

- Focus Peaking: highlights sharp areas to help when focusing

- 28 Gorgeous Filters

- Quick access to camera roll and fast sharing

- Quick access to filters

- Every control is easily reachable with one thumb

Some recommendations from people who care about the fine details:

“Obscura is a terrific app for mobile photographers who just want to get on with taking pictures, without the software getting in the way. The beauty of it is in its simplicity.”
- Jeffery Saddoris

“My favorite third-party iPhone camera app (and the only one that’s on my first home screen).”
- John Gruber

“Obscura makes me want to take more photos.”
- Joe Cieplinski

“Obscura is the only third-party camera app worthy of taking pictures of my dog.”
- Dave Wiskus

Photos by: 
Fabio Macori
Charles Vestal
And myself.